Music Theory Kirkby in Ashfield

I have been playing musical instruments since I was about 6 or 7 years of age, and whilst instruments have come and gone in my life, music theory is a fundamental subject needed to be proficient at any instrument. I now not only enjoy still playing many instruments, but I also enjoy offering lessons for Music Theory. Kirkby in Ashfield is one of the areas I cover.

It is not widely known that learning to play a musical instrument also includes learning another language – learning to read music. This can be quite an intimidating thought to many people and quite a few students here at Zoe Life Music are initially cautious, and are wary of learning to read music because of that!

Are you a new student to music lessons? Or have you now reached a point in your music calling where you need to boost your knowledge in Music Theory? For some of the examining bodies who carry out music examinations, once you have passed your Grade 5 music exams, they will wish you to sit a theory examination to make certain that your fundamental knowledge in music are comprehensive.

It could be that bad experiences in your youth when learning to read music just didn’t make any sense. But the doors and avenues that learning about music theory can open up to you as a musician are endless.

Imagine, being able to spot patterns, chord progressions, themes and variations, plus lots of other cool things within a piece of music to enable you to more effortlessly play that same piece yourself? And knowing that music works a little like a jigsaw puzzle means that you can also compose your very own music!

Here at Zoe Life Music whatever your hesitations or aspirations regarding learning music theory, the lessons are fun, customised to your needs and to your style of learning. There are individual 1 to 1 music theory lessons, and also occasionally throughout the year there are Music Theory workshops to promote networking and friendships with other music students.

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