Style of Teaching

Every teacher will have their own style, as unique to them as a fingerprint. My own style has evolved from being involved in teaching various subjects over the past 9 years, from teaching people how to use computers and their programmes, through to being an approved Driving Instructor.

My style could be described as a facilitator/demonstrator style. I make it easy for you to research topics, learn specific details and test yourselves on that, whilst I will also aid you through practical demonstrations and playing alongside you.

When evaluating how well you are getting on with a set piece of music in your practise sessions I assess on how well you play in relation to what we discussed in your previous lesson. In this way, I can enable you to begin to listen to your own playing to pick out the areas that need further work. I also occasionally use recording devices for you to listen to yourself and assess your own practise.

One of my goals as a teacher, is to enable you, the student to be able to follow instructions, and also to know when and where you may deviate from ‘the plan’. You are able you to monitor your own progress and feed that back to me in your lessons – your views are as important as mine are in this area!

The advantage of my particular style of teaching is that it not only focuses on clear expectations, but also allows you personal flexibility in your own learning style and helps you to see yourself as an independent learner too.

Throughout my lessons there is always an element of fun and energy – if you don’t like to laugh, then please don’t come to me for lessons! There is seriousness when it is warranted, and my lessons are not all play and no work, but there is a balance and an atmosphere of openness and learning that enables you to progress and motivates you through your weekly practise.

If you’d like to chat with me to see if you’d be suitable to my style of teaching please contact me for a chat and an informal meeting to decide if you’d like to take lessons with me.

Thank you for your time in reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!