Music lesson times are flexible to suit you the student, your current standard, your ability to focus and your goals. As a minimum lessons are half an hour for beginners, or re-starters whilst you build up your stamina.

Clarinet music lessons and Piano music lesson tend to begin at half an hour. Some younger pupils beginning the piano may not be able to fully absorb a half hour lesson, in which case a slightly shorter lesson time is beneficial. To discuss what is best for you, please contact me.

As you advance with your lessons I will suggest that you have a longer lesson time. There is no hard and fast rule to this but generally at the level of Grade 5-6 it is usual to increase your lesson time to 45 minutes, or even 1 hour.

Music exams can be worked for with me or you can come for lessons purely to learn to play for fun and enjoyment.

Any age of student is welcome to study with me. The only condition I make is that you as the student do want to learn to play, are committed to practising and are willing to follow my instructions! For more information on just how much practise is needed, see the link #here#.

Music lessons are not just practical, there is a music theory element also. As you increase your skill and musicianship with your chosen instrument, the theory side will have to be kept up to speed. Theory is not boring and neither should it be! As you begin your lessons, the theory is built in and you can see how it affects your musical endeavours!

If you already have theory lessons with another instrument teacher – this is absolutely fine and I suggest you continue, however I will ask certain things of you that you should know for the level at which you are studying with me.