Classical Guitar Sutton in Ashfield

I have been playing the classical guitar since I was about 6 or 7, and whilst other instruments have come and gone in my life, this is one of the few that has remained! I now not only enjoy still playing this instrument, but also offering lessons for the classical guitar. Sutton in Ashfield is one of the areas I cover.

The Classical guitar sometimes is called the “Spanish” guitar, and whilst there are many Spanish compositions written for the classical guitar (including Flamenco guitar), this is by no means the limit of its repertoire! Francisco Tarrega, Villa Lobos, Andres Segovia, Joaquin Rodrigo are just a few well known composers of classical guitar pieces and are regularly featured in classical guitar repertoire and performances. However, perhaps the most well known contemporary piece of music for classical guitar is Classical Gas by Mason Williams.

If you search on for “classical guitar songs” the results will demonstrate the versatility of this amazing instrument, with versions of the Pink Panther, Pirates of the Caribbean, various computer game themes (Super Mario Bros!) as well as versions of popular and rock songs, Annie’s Song, Bohemian Rhapsody – the one by Queen! Just as you may play any style of music or song on an instrument such as a piano, you can do the same with a classical guitar.

There are many styles of guitar playing that it is quite amazing! There are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and then the classical guitar.

How can you tell you have a classical guitar? Many people are confused with the acoustic guitar and with a classical guitar, but the main difference is that the classical guitar strings are made of nylon. Acoustic guitars are made from steel and are sometimes referred to as steel string guitars. The construction of the guitar internally is different, even if they look similar from the outside – in some respects it could be described as the similarities and differences between a Horse and a Zebra!

In the hands of an accomplished guitarist, there is very little that compares with the sound of a classical guitar. There have been arguments with people who have listened to classical guitar music who could not believe that just one person was playing as the piece of music was so intricate!

Also, whilst the acoustic guitar can be played quite loudly with a plectrum, at one concert I attended in 2008 to see Mark Ashford – Classical Guitarist, in a room which was extremely close to the Bell Tower of Lincoln Cathedral, the cathedral bells had quite a job of being heard over Mr Ashford’s fantastic guitar playing – without the aid of electricity, speakers or amplifiers!

If you would like to know more about playing the classical guitar, please contact me to arrange a lesson. It may not be the easiest of instruments to truly master, however you will soon be playing quite complex sounding pieces with a little practise and knowledge!

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