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Focus on… Béla Bartók

Bela Bartok? Who’s she? Well for a start, she, isn’t a she. She’s a He! Béla Bartók was born in “The Kingdom of Hungary” on March 25, 1881 and he lived for 64 years. When he was 4 years old

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Scales are fun? Really?

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know practising scales could be this much fun! Carnival of the Animals – The Pianists, which is followed by “The Fossils!”

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Carnival of the Animals: Fossils

Carnival of the Animals – Fossils – Part 9. A friday fun video! Think about how the music sounds when the cartoon is shown – how is it different? How do the different dancing skeletons move to the different music?

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Beethovens Wig

Beethovens Wig…. is verrrry big!! This is definitely a video and songs that kids old and young will enjoy! (And there are CD’s full of these songs to classics – Beethovens Wig CDs

Pachabel is everywhere

I really like the Canon in D, by Pachabel. However, I can see how it can get a bit samey as it does seem to be all over the place! Have a listen to this, and think to yourself how

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Dancing under the gallows

A link to a YouTube video someone shared through Facebook. Alice Summer is an amazing woman. She has never hated anyone or anything in her life. Quite incredible when you hear her story. This video spoke to me on so

Piano Grade 1 2009-10

A link to a few of the videos on youtube for the Piano Grade 1, from 2009 to 2010. A:1 Duncombe – Gavot B:1 Dunhill – A song of Erin C:2 Drayton – Never Vex a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

How to make a Carrot Clarinet!


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A Carrot Clarinet!

Never be without a clarinet again!

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Clarinet – Saved from the Flames

This film was saved from a fire: Saved from the Flames – Artheme swallows his clarinet 1912. Probably one of my favourite comedy sketches with a clarinet!

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